Lime Crime Wish List

Oh Lime Crime, how beautiful art thou!  They’ve been on my radar since they were first released, mainly due to a friend who bought one of everything they had!  Back then there was lot of eye products, however now, although there are still some (a much smaller selection) available, there lip products are where they’v really earned there stripes!  Somehow I have not yet been able to call them mine, but here’s what I wouldn’t mind being under my tree this christmas!
Starting off with Unicorn lipsticks ($18) in the iconic super cute packaging.  Airborne Unicorn is such a beautiful purply pink colour.  An unusual shade and sugary sweet with some beautiful undertones.  Poisonberry is such a true deeper purple, with a highly pigmented rich colour, very glam!  Lastly in the lipstick category, we have the (in)famous Serpentina, a unique green shade that is totally stand out but is glamorous and still wearable too!
Next up we are on to the most famous Lime Crime products, their Velvetines ($20).  Wicked I love because it looks like a fantastic deep autumnal shade.  Of course there most famous product of all Red Velvet has to be in there.  A beautiful, bright and pigmented red that turns from liquid to perfect matte in seconds, I’d love this for a night out.  Lastly, and more of a summer colour, is this beautiful bright pink colour, Utopia.  So luminous and perfect if you want to stand out.
Lastly, and possibly my favourite, Hollygram carousel lipgloss ($17).  I am not normally a lip gloss kind of girl but this is stunning!  It’s such a stand out green colour and bright, shiny, crazy pigmented and glittery.  Perfect colour for going clubbing this winter!  I want, I want, I want!
I love all these colours because they are so unique, it’s hard to know what to pick!  What is your favourite shade?


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