Makeup Revolution’s Lime Crime Dupes

For a while now Makeup Revolution’s pocket friendly makeup has been taking the blogging world by storm, especially when recently a few people cottoned on to the fact that Makeup Revolution’s not so subtly named Rebel Without a Cause is a great dupe for Mac’s famous Rebel.  However Mac isn’t the only company Makeup Revolution have been making dupes for, I’ve got a few from my collection that are great matches for the brand renowned for it’s unusual, bright and quirky lip colours, Lime Crime!
First up, this bright blue Immoral is a pretty good match for Lime Crime’s Oh No She Didn’t.  When it comes to a colour this outrages I don’t mind buying a cheaper brand, even if it’s just to test, because £15 is a lot of money to throw on a colour that you might not wear more then once, and at only £1 you can’t really go wrong.  The only downside to this particular colour is that the pay off isn’t as rich as I would like, and it can end up a little patchy and opaque.  However for 15x less then the Lime Crime price, I am willing to keep applying!  I have worn this on a night with a lipstick sealant and it actually lasted pretty well, much better then I thought when first applied.
Oh Serpentina, loved by so many, yet barely worn out of the house!  Like many I’d lusted after this colour from afar for so long, but not yet dare take the plunge.  Again, £15 is a lot of money to spend on a colour where you have no prior basis to know whether or not it will suit you, ( how often do you try on a green lipstick?) and I have to say Serpent is an incredibly good colour match to the Lime Crime version, once more for just £1.  It’s colour pay off is higher than that off Immoral, but it still needs a couple of coats.
The following 2 products are what Makeup Revolution calls ‘Velvet Lip Lacquers’ and if that isn’t tipping it’s hat to Lime Crime’s famous Velvetine’s then I don’t know what is!  Starting with I Fell in Love, which is a pretty close match to Lime Crime’s Pink Velvet.  I haven’t owned a Velvetine so I don’t know if this is the same but I find you have to be very careful of the application of this product.  I have really small lips and as you can see I didn’t get them even with the application, and then it can sort of leave you with what looks like a bad lip liner application.  But that might just be my bad handy work.  

Lastly, and possibly be my favourite is Keep Trying For You, a dupe for Lime Crimes most popular product Red Velvet, at the much more budget friendly price of £3.  I think the colour match on this is very close!  It takes a little while to dry but once it’s on, it won’t budge.  Yet my lips don’t feel dry when its on like it does with some of my Mac matte lipsticks.  Once again you have to be really careful with applying this product, if you get it in the wrong place and try and remove it, it is likely to smudge (if it’s still wet) and then it will stain and you can not for the life of you get this off!  You might notice a little bleeding on the above picture?  That’s from carefully removing the pink above, which is a much lighter colour.  Smudge this baby and your left looking like you tried to get some vampire action on your way out of the door, however treat it right, and it will be with you all night ( I sound like a YA writer…..a really YA writer).

Do you know of any Lime Crime dupes?


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