A Very Disney Christmas

Happy one-week-until-Christmas-Eve!  I am crazy busy at the moment but I am trying to keep my blog on track.  If your a regular reader you will know that my household is full of Disney-nerds, and our Christmas decorations reflect this!
Our whole tree is Disney themed, There’s probably over 100 so I just took a few of my fave’s and a few of the others from around the house.  I know it’s not for everyone but honestly, I love it, and I can’t really choose a favourite.  Just looking at these pictures puts me in a better mood, and it feels really homely!  Most of these are my mums but I do have my own duplicate versions of most of the Alice in Wonderland decorations for when I finally move out and get my own tree again!  
Do you have any theme to your Christmas decorations?  And what do you think of these Disney ones?

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