Belissimo Glitter Lips

Belissimo glitter lips is a lip product that claims to give you the incredible, Pintrest worthy, glittery lips everyone wants at Christmas, and claims they’ll stay on all day through eating and drinking, who wouldn’t want that!  It’s even comes in a wide variety of different colours, it should be my dream come true!
Unfortunately I was actually really disappointed when I got this though the post.  This wonder product was actually just a small pot of loose glitter and a nail polish bottle with an ‘adhesive’ that I won’t say is just PVA glue, but it looks and smells exactly like PVA glue, so take from that what you want from that….
Having said that, when I actually applied it I loved the look.  This method, although simple, is incredibly effective.  It is the most ‘glittery’ glitter lip product I’ve ever used and looks really striking when worn.  The glue dries a little tacky but it’s actually not that noticeable, and while it is inevitable that some will come off when you eat and drink, you will defiantly be re-applying a lot less then you would be with a glitter lipstick or gloss.  However if  you put your lips together they will get stuck together!  It’s pretty easy to remove as it peels off just like PVA glue, funnily enough….  I was worried about the mess but the instructions suggest applying with with a cotton bud and I have to say this meant they were actually really neat and I wasn’t covered in glitter!
My main issue with this product is the price.  I think £13 for a small glitter pot and a small bit of glue is crazy!  If you want to get this effect I suggest going to Amazon or even Poundland and buying yourself some glitter and a pot of PVA glue for a fraction of the price.  The effect will still be as good.

What kind of lips are you rocking this winter?

This product was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own and are completely honest 


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