Books of 2014: Part 10

Can’t believe I’ve done 10 of these this year!  Books 46 to 50, just 2 more and I will have read a book a week, I can’t believe it!  It honestly does not feel like I’ve read that much but I’ve suprised myself!  Once more with this 5 a lot of them were borrowed from my sister as I have made an effort to read all my borrowed books this year and with this post, I finally managed it!  
Zombicorns by John Green

This books was written for charity by John Green, who you probably know from The Fault in our Stars fame *throws nerdfighter gang sign*.  By his own omission it’s pretty bad and unfortunately I have to agree.  But, take it with the humour and charity it was meant in.  You can read the book for free here.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Hadden

I’d actually wanted to read this for ages but after booking tickets to go see it at the theatre with my mum I quickly picked it up and got through it super quick.  This is my kind of book, I really enjoyed it ( and the theatre show).  I love how well Haddon gets inside the mind of his characters, its so well researched and it’s presented in a really unique way.
Londoners- The Days and Nights of London Now by Those Who Loved it, Hated it, Live it, Left it and, Longed for it by Craig Taylor

Jesus that’s a long name!  This is a none-fiction book of interviews on various people from all walks of life in London and their experiences.  It was really fascinating to see how different people are and a great insight into the lives of people in this amazing city!
Charlotte Street by Danny Walace

This book was ok, but unfortunately that was it, really average.  It wasn’t bad, it was perfectly readable but also completely forgettable.  It’s bout a slightly creepy meeting between a girl and a boy, who then stalks her over a period of months, yet somehow he comes off pretty well!  
Love Nina by Nina Stibbe

This is a collection of letters from a nanny to her sister in the 80’s after moving to London for the first time, entertaining Alan Bennet amongst other well known names.  I have to say this woman is a great writer, the letters are so descriptive and funny!  I really enjoyed this, there’s a reason it’s a best seller!
What are you reading at the moment?  Wish me look on my 2 book count down!  

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