Burberry Launch at Meadowhall

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited by the guys at Meadowhall to the launch of the new Burberry counter in their Boots store.  I was a little worried when I first entered the store, thinking it would be difficult to find, but even in a busy Meadowhall the Burberry stand really stands out.  It bucks the trend being one of the only stands that isn’t black!  It’s bright and classy, which is great but it also makes it hard to photograph!
We were greeted by the knowledgeable staff with champagne before being given a full tour of the collection.  Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never really linked Burberry to beauty, that famous check pattern, yes, trench coats, yes, but make up, no, so this was all new to me, and I discovered a lot.  
One thing that did impress me was their colour range in foundations, which provided various shades and tones, something I find companies often lack.  When it comes to the eyes, they have chosen stuck to a minimal amount of shades, and opting for mainly neutrals, which aren’t to my usual taste.  All their make up is chosen to coordinate with their current fashion collection, so it’s always on trend, and there’s real thought gone into the history of every product.

We were given some very cute gift bags containing samples of the new My Burberry perfume which I love, as for the actual make up range I have some reservations.  Especially as it’s not the cheapest, but I am being sent some samples soon so I will let you know!


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