Have yourself a nerdy little Christmas…. Geeky Christmas decorating ideas!

I do love satisfying my geeky side, and there’s no better time then Christmas.  I’m currently living with my parents and all our decorations are Disney themed, which I would defiantly have if I was decorating my own place, but I thought I’d look at what else I’d pick if I had the chance!
This 8 bit Christmas Wreath is what gave me this idea, I saw it in a Black Friday sale and quickly put it in my basket.  I can’t wait for it to arrive in the post!  It lights up and everything, I’m stupidly excited about it!
Moving on to things I haven’t bought, this Lightsaber Candlestick would make one hell of a centre piece and would defiantly be a talking point at Christmas dinner!  Sticking with the Star Wars theme this Yoda Candy Holder is a little pricy but on the plus side it can be used for Christmas and Halloween!  I’d love to have one near the entrance of my home.  If like me, you love computer games then this Classic Video Game Controllers Ornament Set is going to liven up the tree while this Weeping Angel Tree Topper would defiantly make a statement, perfect for Doctor Who fans!
More for the tree, and these light up Transformers Ornaments would make a great edition to standard fairy lights and with your gifts wrapped in this Geeky Wrapping paper  no one is going to doubt where your interests lay!  Finish off the Christmas tree with this classy Firefly Ornament and the more garish R2D2 light set.
Lastly, and not strictly a Christmas decoration but it would make an amazing Christmas gift, Jayne’s Hat from Firefly would look great though all the winter season, and you know you’ll get some nerd points for wearing it!
Have you seen any cool Christmas decorations?  Let me know so I can add it to my Pintrest board!


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