A quick tip for wet set pin curls

I was just setting my hair with pin curls for tonight when I thought I would share with you something I tried out last time I used this style.  I have very thick hair so pin curling is the only way I can curl my hair that doesn’t drop out instantly.  The only problem is that even after leaving my hair to dry for over 12 hours and then blow trying it, my hair is usually still damp inside the curls so they fall straight out and leave my hair feeling heavy and dirty.
So what can I do aside from put aside over 24 hours for my hair to dry?  Adapt a product your Gran probably uses.  Settling lotion is unanimous with blue rinses and hasn’t been really popular since the mid fifties but it’s a product that is basically designed for pin curls!  Even better you can pick it up from boots or Superdrug for dirt cheap.  The only problem is it leaves your hair very stiff and crunchy, and it’s awkward to apply.  Plus the fumes are enough to knock you out.  
So what’s my answer?  I simply pour some settling lotion into a spray bottle with water, spray onto dry hair and walla!  Curls that don’t take forever to dry and will last past the first gust of wind, without feeling like you’ve set it in glue! 

As for brushing it out into a vintage style, now that I have not yet mastered!  Do you have any vintage hair tips?


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