Christmas Gifts 2014

I am going to start this post by saying I never know if I should write them at all!  It’s one thing to do a ‘haul’ post of things I’ve bought myself but with gifts I aways worry it will come across as ungrateful or bragging.  I promise this isn’t the case, I am always grateful and just like to share it with the world!  I got more then usual this year due to a few secret santa’s I took part in and my boyfriends family being very generous, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you.
I know by now it’s the second of January and everyones already got their new years posts in and here I am harping on about Christmas!  I had an unofficial blogging break over Christmas to spend time with my family and boyfriend so I am sort of on catch up, although I don’t think I will be doing a new year post this year.  I am just not in a place where I want to do a look back or set goals right now and I don’t want to force it. So without further blabbing, here’s what I got for crimbo!
Fashion and Beauty

I’m going to apologise right not for the state of these photo’s, the lighting is awful and the only place I could find to take pictures was the kitchen !  My sister’s boyfriend Dan bought me some Sugarpill lashes and eyeshadow and that was always going to be a winner. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while you will know I am a huge fan! My boyfriends parents got me Vivienne Westwood’s Naughty Alive perfume, which is actually one of my favourites but I haven’t been able to afford any since my last bottle ran out a while ago, and they also got me this super cute hat!  I got the Tuk Cat shoes from my wish list (this is actually my 4th pair in various colours over the years) from my eldest sister.  My good friend Amy got me this cute Alice in Wonderland mirror from Hot Topic and this cute heart hair clip from Crown and Glory.  I also got a Mac lipstick from my boyfriends sister in the colour Ladybird which is absolutely gorgeous, and a set of Soap and Glory eyeliners from a secret santa!

The only thing I asked for this Christmas was books, and luckily I got almost all of the ones I wanted, and a few surprises!  Going from the top down I got this cute Japanese Alice in Wonderland notebook, I Am Alice manga, The Unfortunates which has a really cool concept, all the chapters of the book are loose and you can read them in any order you like, can’t wait to see if this works.  Me Talk Pretty On Day, Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, When I was Five I Killed Myself, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Winger, Alice in the Kingdom of Hearts volume 2 ( you might recall I read the first in this series as part of the booktubeathon).  Popular, Bleak House, Marvel the secret files, Chopsticks, Style Me Vintage Make-Up ( I read the fashion version back in June).  Grimm’s Complete Fairy tales in the beautiful Barnes and Nobel leather-bound edition which i have been collecting for a couple of years now (I really must do a post on these) and lastly, Vintage Fashion & Couture as past of an amazing secret santa gift.  I have read a couple of these already so you will find those in my final books of 2014 post which should be coming up in the next week.

Or at least what was left by the time I took this photo…Luckily my diet isn’t starting again until Tuesday when I go in for my weigh in!  Santa always brings me a selection box and a chocolate orange, my boyfriend got me this really cool storage box that looks like a book and filled it with sweets ( I’m going to use it to store my comic books when I’ve eaten them all).  My parents got me the spicy sauces because I am known for adding chilli to everything I make, and the chocolate dipping adventure box should be a lot of fun, no doubt I will end up with chocolate dripping off my chin!  Classy!
Everything Else

As you can probably tell at the grand old age of 26 *sobs* I am still getting plenty of Disney and Alice in Wonderland gifts, long may it continue!  I also got lots of cute pin up and vintage inspired items for my desk at work!  I watched Frozen for the first time last month and like everyone else I became hooked!  So my boyfriend got me the dvd and this Olaf teddy that I am a little too attached to as a reasonable adult!  He also got my Epic Mickey 2 which I have been plowing my way though during my time off work!  Amy got my this great Alice in Wonderland phone case which is fab timing because my current Alice case has seen better days and I was actually looking for a new one!  You may also have picked up on my love of board games and we’ve been playing lots of my newest edition, Pandemic. 
Lastly my parents got me this amazing Alice in Wonderland tea set from Wittards of Chelsea!  It’s so cute and another reason I can’t wait to have my own place!
So there you have it, normal blogging should resume next week.  I hope you all had a fab Christmas and New Year and let’s hope 2015 brings us all great things!

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