OOTD: The Boba Fett Dress

Way back in September myself, Amy, and Bel decided to put all our nerdy, disney obsessed minds together and place an order from Hot Topic.  I even created an alternative Hot Topic wish list full of all the things I loved, but that didn’t quite make it into my basket.  Now several months later after a large import tax *sobs*, and a long time at Amy’s waiting me to pick them up, my order is finally home with me.
At first I just planned to show you guys everything I bought in one haul post, but then I thought that might come out looking like a hot mess!  So, over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you what I picked up in these individual posts.  They are not quite haul, not quite OOTD, because I haven’t really styled them up but I just really wanted to share them with you guys.
Now, as you’ve probably realised I love my nerdy gear, and as much as it is a pain ordering from abroad it means that you end up with something pretty unique.  I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it!  I am a Star Wars fan and I love a bit of colour, plus Boba Fett is the coolest!
I was worried that getting a medium it would be too small but actually, it’s slightly large.  Luckily the waist is elasticated so you can’t tell and it also means that this dress is really comfortable and rather flattering.  The dress is cotton, light weight and great quality.  I also love that this is pretty nerdy and quirky without having ‘Star Wars’ splashed all over it.  This has quickly become one of my favourite casual dresses.
I really hope you like this haul/ OOTD hot topic post, let me know your thoughts as I plan to do the rest soon.  Also, where do you like to get your nerdy threads from?

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