Saying Goodbye to the Mickey Hat

I it’s important to write about things you are passionate about, and I am a complete Disney World geek!  From time to time I will be giving you bits of news or other things as they come along, so for now, lets talk about a hat!
MGM Studios (or Hollywood Studios as the young folk call it) has gone through many transitions over it’s short life.  In some way’s it seems like Disney has never been completely sure what to do with this park, especially since the studio part closed down.  In one of it’s many changes, this hat was built at the end of the main walkway on Hollywood Boulevard in 2001.
And there it has stayed, until a couple of days ago.  As we speak the famous (and in some circles infamous) hat is being taken down, slowly, piece by piece.  The response has been mixed.  My mum hates if anything at Disney changes at all, if it was up to her we’d still be dealing with rides built in the 60s.  For me, the hat was something I was never really attached to, so I won’t be shedding any tears at it leaving.  Even less so when it just basically became a place to push pin trading!  In fact. in all my photos from the 13 + times I’ve been, this is the only one I managed to dig out

But if you are a hat lover, all my not be lost, there are rummers that it might be making an appearance at the front of the park.  Personally I’m actually quite looking forward to getting the old view up Hollywood Boulevard back!  Maybe I’m just relived because the rumours that The Great Movie ride was closing has proved unfounded (actually it’s getting an update).  Plus, the faster this goes, the sooner we will have Star Wars land.  A word of warning, if you are too attached to anything in this park, visit soon.  Over the next 4 years, not much of it is going to be left as it enters it’s biggest ever refurb!

Where does Hollywood Studios rate in your list of Disney Parks?


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