Selfies of 2014

This time last year I was feeling pretty down on myself, I had put on weight, my skin was bad and I was starting to worry about ageing.  A year on and I’m feeling much the same, in order to combat this last year I put together all my selfies of 2013 to try and perk myself up a bit.  So as I am sat on the sofa digesting my last pizza before my diet starts and getting ready to say goodbye to my boyfriend tomorrow, I thought id have another crack at it!
(left to right)
1. I started off the year with washed out pink hair, before finally trying to give up my love of bleach and becoming a red head.  After a year the healthy hair is just passed my ears.
2. For some reason I didn’t take any more selfies until April, when Resistanz festival hit and my next four pics are from here.  This first snap was my rave inspired make up from the first day along with my first attempt at a fake mohawk.
2. Day 2 and I was rocking some latex kitty ears I’d picked up at the festival
4. My full outfit from day 2, corset and pvc were donned
5. By day 3 of the festival I was defiantly flagging!  Wearing my glittery crown.  Take a look at my full outfits here.
6. Myself and Harry at Cannon Hall for my birthday weekend.
7. Myself and Matt from Funeral For a Friend after their gig in Leeds, I was an emotional wreck.  I must be the only person to ever cry at a metal gig!
8. On my way to my first ever blog meet in Lincoln, and absolutely one of the best!
9. Crazy make up for a random night out, take two of my fake mohawk.
10. September had rolled around and after dropping my younger sister off at her new university, I began my new hobby of annoying the dog.
11. On my way to visit my boyfriend after he moved to the Lake District
12. Meeting Matt from Funeral for a Friend again at Barrow in Furness
13. Myself and my sister volunteering at London Pride
14. Myself and Harry at the Royal Albert Hall waiting for Distant Worlds to begin.
15. Part of my kawaii ear collection post that you might now recognise from my gif
16. Just a meaningless selfie, sometimes we all need one!
17. Image from my Lime Crime dupes post
18. Myself and my Mum heading to London in first class
19. Myself and my two sisters at a silent disco in the Conservative Party headquarters has to be one of the strangest places I’ve partied this year!
20. Trying some more extreme make up for a night out in Sheffield
21. Good old selfie with my beautiful doggie Willow
22. Watching Deaf Havana at my old university venue, some real nostalgia
23. Christmas day with my new Olaf teddy
4. New Years Eve make up
5.  Full New Years Eve outfit.
What are you looking back on this year?


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