Standard New Hair Post

Just a quick Saturday post to show off my new hair cut!  If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know 13 years of bleach and dying my hair another luminous colour every other week has left my hair in a pretty bad state.  A year ago I chose to go red and slowly grow out the bleach, I’ve only used all natural products for years and the healthy(er) part of my is now just about to my ears.
Unfortunately however, after literally years of trying to save it in the hope of getting mermaid hair, my damaged hair hasn’t been taking colour properly.  The condition has improved but it was never going to be great and I always get a horrible two tone effect where the colour over the bleached part fades so much faster.
So today I went onto my hairdressers armed with pictured of Taylor Swift in her Shake it Off video and cut off a lot of the dead stuff!  There’s still some in there but hopefully over the next year I can grow it all out, honestly my hair feels so much better already!
Sorry about my make up less face by the way, but I’m way too lazy to put make up on just for a quick hair snap!  What do you think about this length?

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