The Vintage Kilo Sale, Sheffield

A couple of weekends ago I was looking for a reason to have a shopping trip and a catch up with my friend Abi, luckily the guys from The Vintage Kilo Sale told me they were heading into Sheffield soon, so I decided to combine the two.
Now Abi is the best and worst friend to go shopping with!  She is a complete enabler, look interested in something and next thing I know I’m at the counter with my bank card in hand, she can be very persuasive!  So this event was perfect, unlike a normal shopping trip everything here is valued by weight, you pay literally by the kilo, and at only £15 per kilo we had our bargain hunting heads on!
These events are run by the same people who run the popular Judy’s Vintage Fair’s, so you know they will be quality items for sale.  The Sheffield event was held in A New Shop but they tour all over the country.  We had such good fun, grabbing things, trying things on, trying to get it to the right weight before finally narrowing down our choices and taking out bag to be weighed.  Abi managed to get a gorgeous pair of brand new jeans amongst about 6 scarves!  When I got to the till I weighed in at exactly 1.1 kilos, lucky or what!  So what did I pick up?
First I picked up two military hats, perfect for my gothic nights out.  The first green and red one is more of a fancy dress item (but looks very 40’s on) and the second blue one is authentic.  However the star of the show has to be this white faux fur coat!  It fastens with a hook at the top and it’s so warm and the length is perfect for evenings out.  I love it even more now I’ve got it home!  I wore it out that very same night and it ended up looking very 90’s!  I can’t believe I got suck a beautiful coat for under £20!
Super serious face!  This is my second post in a row containing pictures of me without make up on, not sure how I feel about that, must stop being so dam lazy!  Anyway, what do you think about paying for clothing by the kilo?  Do you think it will catch on elsewhere?

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