What’s in My Bag?

Remember way back in 2006 when ‘what’s in my bag’ tags on Youtube and Livejournal were all the rage?  Yeah well don’t let anyone say my blog isn’t current and bang on trade!  I’ve never been tagged in one of these, even in all these years, but I’d be dammed if I’m going to let that stop me!
This is the bag I take to work with me everyday, which is why it’s so full of junk!  It’s a Cath Kidston bag I got for my birthday last year.  To be honest it’s much more suitable for the summer but I can’t afford to get another, I would really like a polkadot one though.  
I normally fit all this and my lunch in my bag, it’s surprising how much this little bag holds!  So, here’s what I keep in my bag!
Random junk notes: My memory is awful so I always have random notes floating around.
Panda Notebook Again because of my bad memory,  I mainly use this to store blog ideas, and it’s super cute!
Paperback book I always have a paperback with me to read on the bus on the way to and from work, and on my lunch if I get the chance, this is actually how I get most of my reading done these days.  This particular book is Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
Alice in Wonderland Diary You might remember this one from my Goals of 2015 post, it’s beautiful!  Unfortunately it’s so beautiful I haven’t dare write in it yet….
Vinnie’s Tampon Case I ordered this from the US years ago because I figure of your going to carry tampon’s around with you, you may as well carry them in something cool!  This has a retro 1950s style, so obviously I love it.
Allergy Tablets I have recently discovered I am allergic to alcohol, I carry these in my bag so I know where they are if I fancy a tipple.
Polkadot Umbrella It’s from New Look and it’s got frills and a curled handle and everything.
Panda Coin Purse An old ebay find, I do have a huge Alice in Wonderland purse (which isn’t in this photo for some reason) but it’s hard to get coins out of it, so I carry both.
Mini Cath Kidston Hand Cream A Christmas gif from my boyfriends parents, smells really refreshing.
Cherry Lipsil This is pretty self explanatory, but this one has polkadot packaging so I need it obviously.
Hair Clips These things get everywhere, unless I actually need one!  
Old Train Tickets Usually in use as a bookmark because I don’t clean my bag out enough.
A flashing LED light This is the inside of a toy I won on a 2p machine, flashing colours brighten up everyones day so here it stays.  
Blog Cards ‘Just in case’, I’ve never had a reason to carry these to work with me but you never know.
German Plane Ticket I was at the Frankfurt Book Fair a few months ago with work and forgot I still had the ticket with me.
Halo Deodorant and Hand Wipes I was given these at London Pride last year and they are really handy for keeping in my bag, again, just incase.
A Spoon Incase you need to kill someone with a spoon….or for eating Muller light yoghurts.
Ipod Plug I have no idea why this is there to be honest….
Robinson’s Juice on the go thingy I can’t drink water without some kind of dilute pop in so these things are amazing for me.
Weekly Bus Pass Also known as paying a fortune to be angry twice a day and frustrated that I can’t drive yet.
Face Cream The good thing about samples is they are perfect for your bag!
IPod With no charge, I keep forgetting, which is strange considering I didn’t used to do anything without it not so long ago.  I’m getting old.
Starbucks Card A present from my parents, there isn’t one near me so I’m not sure why I carry this with me.
Book Stickers To help me keep track of book quotes if I’ve been sent a book to review.
Staff Card Usually at the bottom of my bag, a champion of stealth
So there you have it, what’s the strangest thing you have in your bag?

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