January Reads 2015

Before I start this post you will have to allow me a bit of sobbing time.  My beloved MacBook pro has gone to laptop heaven.  I am genuinely really upset, it’s amazing how attached you can be to something you use everyday and sleep next to every night (hey don’t judge me!).  On Thursday night I was just settling down to write a post I was really excited about when my laptop went completely  black, then my charger died.  Tears may have happened, it’s not just the laptop but 4 years of photographs, including all my photos from London Edge.  I can’t even get an appointment at the Apple Store till next Wednesday so chances are it’s out at least a couple of weeks, if not longer, until I get my laptop back, if I can.  Typically my Apple care (that I paid £200 for and never used) ran out in November, I can see the money disappearing from my bank account as I speak.  In the mean time I am blogging by any means necessary, trying to sweet talk family members into using there ancient creaky laptops for a few hours, so please bare with me while I sort this out.  One of the web team from work has managed to get some stuff from my laptop so hopefully my photos (including my London Edge photos) will have been saved, but we shall see.  Cross all your fingers and toes for me!
The moral of this story is, back up everything and never plug a Poundland phone charger into your laptop.  I think that’s what’s done it in.  All this to say, this post is a little late, I did get a fair bit of reading done in January, so let’s crack on with that.
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson
This book is about a girl adopted into a religious family, who is expected to become a poster child for the church, but ends up falling in love with a woman.  To be honest I expected more from this, it started off strongly but trailed off.  The fantasy world didn’t interest me and there were a lot of questions that I felt weren’t really answered, in the end it was actually pretty dull. 
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
This is a collection of essays about the authors personal experiences, which felt more like anecdotes.  As such with these things, they were a bit hit and miss.  Some made me laugh out loud, but others seemed to drag and on the whole it was pretty forgettable.  I much preferred part one to part two; I just found the stories when he was young and reckless more interesting. 
Warm bodies by Issac Marion
A zombie romance, and I have to be honest, I am not generally a fan of either genre.  With that in mind, I did like this book more then I initially thought.  I actually enjoyed it, there’s quite a few problems with the premise of the world though and some of the characters actions I found utterly unbelievable.  I think one of the main issues with this title is that I couldn’t connect to the Ex-Boyfriend at all and I think this was crucial. 
Tampa by Alisa Nutting
This book is essentially about a psychopath who is attracted to prepubescent boys and won’t let anything stand in her path to get what she wants.  It’s often compared to Lolita and although I can see why, I think this is much more upfront and graphic and lacks the romanticism inherent in Lolita.  This isn’t a negative however, they are just very different characters.  This book will mess with your head.  The lead character is complex and yet she is driven by only one simple thing, uncompromising lust.  I really have to applaud the author for tackling such a controversial subject in such a strong, no holds bared way.  There is no attempt to dull down the subject or make the character reform or feel remorse, and I think that must be a very hard choice to make for an author.  The only negative was I felt like it lost momentum towards the end, and to me it seemed a little hashed together.  It’s a powerful read, not for everyone, but a great title nonetheless.
What’s the best book you have read so far this year?


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