Push the Trashcan, Oh How You Are Missed!

There should be an award for the most obscure blog titles, this has gone to be worth at least an honourable mention.
You know your a truly insane Disney World fangirl/boy when:
  1. You have a photo/video of yourself with a normal loooking trashcan.
  2. You know him (yes it’s a him) by name, it’s Push of course!
  3. You have stood in a crowd in the middle of Disney World, just to stare at said trash can.
  4. You’re British and you’re saying trash can rather then bin.
  5. You’ve casually chatted, or listened in on, someone talking to a trash can.
  6. You remembered the date he was sadly taken out of Disney World for good and are ridiculous enough to write a blog post on the anniversary of his departure….
For the sane people amongst you, Push was a talking trash can in Disney World that wheeled around Tomorowland, interacting with guests.  For some reason, he was insanely popular and became a definitive fan favourite.  I would love to imagine how that conversation went down when they were trying to put that idea across.
“Lets make a robot trash can and let it wander around talking to guests”
However it happened, it was a sucsess.  The technology was actually pretty simple, it was ran by remote control by a guy dressed as an average tourist hidden behind a wall somewhere, miked up so he could chat individually to people.  It’s a simple trick but it work, kids and adults were fascinated by the trach can who could talk to them personally and it became a cult hit.  Hell, it has it’s own Wikipedia Page, someone even got him to propose to their girlfriend, but a year ago today, he was taken away.  No one really knew why, but as quickly as he came, he was gone again.
There were protests, #savepush even trended on twitter, but alas, he was not to return.
Goodbye push, you strange garbage collecting creature, you shall be missed.


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