Sink or Swim Bowtique Vintage Style Hair Accessories

While I was at London Edge I was admiring Carly’s hair flower and she mentioned that it came from a UK independent online store called Sink or Swim Bowtique, so as soon as I was home, I looked them up.
Not only are they all these accessories really pretty and hand-made, they are also incredibly reasonably priced.  It also just happened that when I was looking, there was a sale on, so I picked up 5 things, all of which came to less the £20 including postage!
First up, and I know it’s not very seasonal but I picked up these 3 leaf hair accessories, there’s a great alternative to the traditional hair flower.  I love the autumn colours, and the tiny fruit/pine cones are so cute!  I’m going to probably put these away for next autumn, but I love the way they go with my hair and the cute frosting effect.  As they were on sale some of these are now sold out but the small pinecone one in the center is still on sale and there are plenty of similar designs here  for between £2-£4!
I got this cute rose design as I thought it would be more year round suitable, a total classic, and has unfortunately now sold out.  This multicoloured hair flower is still on sale however and it’s just £1!  I think this will be great for spring/summer and with it’s bright colours it should go with almost anything this summer, ( I am praying for sunshine, can you tell?).  Lastly I picked up this simple hair scarf, because I love mint green and polka-dots so I couldn’t resist.
It’s worth mentioning that all their hair accessories (except the hair scarf obviously) are on crocodile clips which I love.  They are always the most secure option for me, I can’t get the hang of combs they always fall out.
I will definitely be buying from them again in the future, I think I’m in love!  What’s your latest online find?

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