The £4.99 Vintage Style Bowling Shoe

I come bearing good news (for me at least!)  My laptop isn’t completely dead, it was a pretty quick and not totally expensive fix (I actually offered to kiss the woman in the Mac store) but I’ve been away over the weekend and I have a lot of catching up to do, so today’s post is going to be a quick one.
I really just wanted to share with you this amazing find. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing eBay when I came across these replica vintage bowling shoes for the crazy low price of £4.99! Not only that but they come in 6 different colours, I quickly chose this very 50s style colour scheme and added them to my basket.
Honestly they are actually better quality than I expected, they remind me a bit of tennis shoes so they’re really comfortable and a great alternative to boring trainers. They arrived really fast too. My only complaint is that the sizes are a little on the large size, I usually vary between a 4 and a 5 but with these the 4 is actually pretty big. Now I’ve seen them I think I might go back and get them in black and red in a size 3, for less than £5 you can’t really go wrong!

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