The Fault in Our Stars T-Shirt from Hot Topic

One thing I don’t think you know about me is that I am a Nerdfighter.  Nerdfighter’s are a group of people who follow the Green brother’s Youtube channel, John (who you probably know as the author of The Fault in our Stars) and Hank (who you might know as he just interviewed Obama).  IThe whole notion of Nerdfighters is a little hard to explain but you can find out more here, the basic premise is that you agree to fight for awesome and help reduce world suck.  Basically, try and positively help the world somehow.

Anyway, because of this I have been following John Green’s videos way longer than I’ve been reading his books, I think I first started reading his books not long after Looking for Alaska came out.  At this point John wasn’t the writing superstar he is now, yet a couple of years later, due to Nerdfigteria, his unwritten book was on the Amazon best sellers list before it even had a cover.  That book was The Fault in our Stars, I got a signed first edition (they were all signed) and I read it as soon as it came out, and loved it.  Then everything went a bit crazy and now he’s hugely famous (for an author) and his books are everywhere.  Previously I had to import them from the US .

All this makes me sound like a bit of a literary hipster, which for a casual YA book is pretty ridiculous, but all this to say, when I saw this t-shirt in Hot Topic, I had to have it!  I love it when items pay homage to something in pop culture without being super obvious about it, and that’s what this does for TFIOS.

The Hectic Glow is the favourite band of the lead character, Hazel.  I think this is only mentioned a few times in the book, and I don’t even think it’s in the film (?)  I love the band logo they’ve created for this fake band ( I have a fake gig ticket fo this band too but that’s a whole other story).  Since I quit my old job as a lighting technician I have tried to stop buying t-shirts as I don’t wear them every day like I used to (in fact I hardly ever wear them) but this drew me in.

Another thing worth mentioning is this t-shirt is really well made.  It’s really stretchy and comfortable and soft, it’s something about Hot Topic clothing that has really surprised me, maybe its just that Primark has conditioned me not to expect high quality from pop culture clothing, but I’m really happy with purchase.

This is the third of my Hot topic Haul posts, why not take a look at my first two,  the Boba Fett dress and the Ariel Pin Up dress.

Do you own any nerdy t-shirts?


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