Valentine’s Day Gift from Typography of Love

Now I am not normally a Valentine’s Day kind of girl, it often seems a little manufactured to me and the idea of being made to go to a restaurant full of couples not speaking to each other is my idea of hell.  However, I am feeling super loved up at the moment, irregardless of the time of year, so I’m afraid you will have to put up with some soppiness for one post.  
Simply put, my boyfriend is amazing.  He’s super supportive of everything I do and tries his best to build up my confidence (which is no easy job).  He can always make me smile and he has the strongest form of emotional intelligence I’ve ever seen.  He’s also a driving force behind my blog, helping me with all things technical and spell checking from time to time!  To be honest, I could go on and on and on but I don’t think I’d have many readers left afterwards, but he has his own blog if you want to take a look.
The only downside is that our relationship is long distance, so we don’t see each other anywhere near enough.  As a result I’ve started doing something a little odd, buying things for our future home….that we don’t have!  If you’ve been following me on instagram you’ll have seen I’ve been picking a few things up.  Mainly kitchen items because there is so much vintage inspired products around at the moment and I am loving that mint green and pale pink is in fashion right now.  I am stocking up while I can, because when we are finally in a place where we can live together it will probably be impossible to get.  Or at least that’s how I’m justifying it to myself!
So when Toxicfox contacted me to see if I wanted to choose something Valentine’s Day related from their site, I knew what I’d choose.  This A Frame of True Love print by Typography of Love £29.99* would be great for my ‘doesn’t yet exist kitchen’.  It’s fun with a great sentiment and the simple straw design adds a touch of 50s style.  In short I love it, it totally reminds me of those iconic 1950’s scenes of young lovers sharing a shake in a diner.  You can even personalise it, so I’ve added both our names, ready for putting up in our first place together.
If you like this design or you’re just looking for general Valentine’s Day gifts, you can use the offer code TFLove to get 10% off all Valentine’s Day Categories (outside of the 3 for 2 offer).
Are you planning anything for Valentine’s Day?

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