Bloggers VIP day at RSPCA Sheffield

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the VIP Bloggers Day at RSPCA Sheffield, a day full of doggy and cat cuddles, it was like all my dreams come true!
The day was organised by the ever-so-glamorous and super friendly Georgina, who I have had the pleasure of meeting a few times, she is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met.  We were greeted by the staff with some much-needed tea (I am not a morning person), we were a small but perfectly formed group of some of the nicest people I have met in a long time!  The Animal Care Manager Tony introduced himself and gave us a brief overview of how the RSPCA works, before getting more in-depth talks about animal and dog behavior from the fantastic staff.  We were given plenty of chance to ask any questions we wanted about our own pets or about the facilities and all the staff were so knowledgeable and their passion really showed.  Did you know that the RSPCA doesn’t receive government funding?  That really surprised me. I also found out that if you want any advice about your pet, then you can just pop in for a chat, they aren’t just there to help rescue animals.  It’s something I will definitely be keeping in mind when I get my own doggy.
After the talks it was food time! Sandwages and cake were all supplied (and baked) by the lovely guys at the local ASDA.  I just couldn’t resist the pawprint cupcakes, just look how cute they are!
After lunch we were taken on a tour of the facilities, and it’s much bigger than I thought.  As well as the cat and dog sanctuaries there is also a Community Memorial Centre for all the animals that have passed away in their care, I think this is such a brilliant touch and it is so beautiful, it’s really touching.  There’s also some additional space where they are hoping to build a centre for small animals, if they can raise enough funding.
Then came the highlight of the day for me, we were split into two groups and shared our time between the dogs and cats!  First up I got to hang out with the most gorgeous little dog called Alice, no photos unfortunately as she is part of a court case, and she was the most friendly loving dog, I really do not understand people who mistreat animals.  We got a great bond going and I was genuinely sad when I had to leave her behind, it was part of her rehabilitation getting her used to people and I hope she gets a loving forever home soon.
After my time with the dogs it was time for the cats.  Now I am definitely a dog person but even I was taken by these sweet little things.  The cats all have their own rooms with heated floors and plenty of toys, talk about luxury.  I had so much fun playing with them all.
Overall, it was a fantastic day, but it was sad leaving all the animals behind, I made sure I gave my mum’s dog Willow an extra big hug when I got home!  If you are looking for a pet or want any advice I highly advise you to take a look at The RSPCA Sheffield, they are always in need of extra funds and volunteers too, so any way you can help I know the staff (and animals!) would really appreciate it.  

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