Le Keux Cosmetics: Peachy Keen Lip Paint and Duel Ended Brushes


I’ve been following Le Keux Cosmetics for a while now, I first heard of them when I was searching around for local vintage companies and stumbled across their salon in Leeds.  From there I found they had their own cosmetics line and I soon fell in love with their beautiful packaging, (I mean just look at it!).  Untill now I had only managed to look from afar but after chatting with the lovely guys at London Edge, they were nice enough to send me some of their oh so beautiful products to try.

This Peachy Keen Lip Paint (£12.95) can actually be worn on both lips and cheeks.  I used the lip brush to apply it and it’s a great neutral vintage shade, very 40’s.  It also smells delicious (always smell a new product when I first open it).  Normally I’m not a neutral kind of girl but this colouring really suits my skin tone, it’s just the right amount of colour.  The texture does mean that I would want to apply a sealant to be happy with it not coming off too easily however.
The I really adore this product though is on the cheeks.  I’ll be honest, the first time I applied it I hated it, and here’s why, I went way OTT!  With this product, less is more, I made the mistake of dipping the stippling brush and applying it to my cheeks and I looked like a crazy clown!  Luckily I came back to it a couple of days later, this time I wiped the excess off before applying it and it made the world of difference.  This is now my favourite blush!  It’s peachy colour suits my skin tone and hair perfectly, it really brightens up the face.  The texture means you don’t need much and it’s easily buildable, and most importantly, it looks so natural!  You know when you see fresh-faced beauty’s in magazines and you can’t work out how they look like that?  This product is that in a pot.  I just want to rant and rave about it!  My only minor issue is that there stippling brush is slightly larger than the pot so it can get a little messy, which wouldn’t bother me so much usually but because this pot looks so much like something straight out of the 50’s, I’m trying to leave it as cute as possible!
Lastly, they were nice enough to send me two double ended brushes.  First the Stipple and Concealer Brush (£14.95, currently on sale for £7.49), the concealer side is a bit larger than I would usually use and might work well as a general foundation brush, the bristles are beautifully soft and strong.  I really like the stipple end on this brush, it’s less dense than my Real Techniques stipple brush so I’d stick to using that one for my foundation and this one for blusher, it blends the blush in really well and gives a really natural finish.
The second brush is a dual end Lip and EyeLiner Brush, I’ve been after a lip brush for ages and I’m so happy to finally own one!  This is stiffer then I imagined but that actually helps with more precise application, I did have one stray bristle that was longer then the rest that you might see on the photo, but this was fixed with a quick trim.  Now, if like me your into your cat eye style eyeliner, you are going to live for this eyeliner brush.  It is the smallest brush I have ever seen, so it’s perfect for precise application, essential if you are a fan of gel eyeliners.
What do you think of La Keux Cosmetics?  Psst, if you like that you see, they currently have a sale on brushes and they do a great gift set.
PR Sample provided for review, all opinions are my own

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