My Dream Experience: Visiting Bath

There are many places in the UK I would love to visit, but unfortunately I’ve not yet had chance.  I have only just passed my driving test and I still don’t have a car.  I’ve always had to rely on trains, which sometimes isn’t just inconvenient, it’s also very expensive!  That’s why I have never been able to visit the Beautiful city of Bath.
I am history mad and I love architecture.  For our anniversary last year myself and my boyfriend visited York and loved it, and I think Bath if even more beautiful!   I would love the opportunity to go to Bath for our second anniversary in May, if I could, here’s what I’d love to go and see.
Bath Abbey Tower Tour and Afternoon Tea
I lived in Lincoln for 6 years and the cathedral there was one of the highlights, I love the architecture of these type of buildings as well as the history.  This building looks stunning and I would love the chance to go explore, and what better way than to finish it off with a scone and tea, yummy!  Especially after climbing the 212 steps and enjoying the beautiful views over Bath.

Now, you can’t go to Bath without visiting it’s namesake, the famous Roman baths.  There is so much history and beauty in here you really can’t skip it, however in the Summer months they offer something that makes your average tour even better.  At this time of year they open up the baths at night, all light up by candle light, so you can take a tour in this lovely romantic setting.  Then to finish off, a gorgeous 3-course dinner and a bottle of wine at the Roman Baths Kitchin.  I couldn’t think of a much more romantic way to spend my anniversary.
I do enjoy a good museum, and my love of all things Americana means this is a must visit.  There’s a shuttle bus from the town centre directly to the museum which is perfect for us car less folk!  
My other half is a huge lover of ale, so this would be the perfect stop off for him.  They do a brewery tour which includes a free drink, a great opportunity to try something new.  It looks so rustic and cosy, I can totally imagine us snuggling up together over a drink or too, it has tasty food too! 
I love these kind of local museums, it’s really nice to try and learn more about the area your visiting, plus there’s classic cars, which I love!  
Now, being the book nerd I am there is no way I could come to Bath and not visit the Jane Austin centre, exciting enough just for those famous costumes alone!  You can dress up in some of the regency costumes, I can’t say no to that.
Being a blogger there is no way I can miss out on a fashion museum.  It has a fantastic display of dresses throughout the ages, it’d make a great afternoon swanning around, dreaming of what I would be wearing in a bygone age.
My other half is a huge fan of Jamie Oliver, he watches all his programs, has all of his books, and everything he cooks up has some kind of Jamie influence, and it must be working in his favour because he’s a great cook(I’m lucky I know).  So we would definitely be popping in here for lunch one day to check out his famous recipes.
Bath’s Bath’s of course!
Now you can’t go to Bath and not check out there Bath’s (how many times can you say Bath in a sentence?).  What a perfect way to end a fantastic romantic weekend away then with a Therme Spa Bath overlooking the famous sites.  It’s supposed to have all kinds of health properties, and it would make the perfect relaxing end to the perfect (fantasy) short break.
This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Bath has to offer, for instance the Haynes International Motor Museum and the famous Wookey Hole Caves.  In fact I have a Pintrest board dedicated to all the amazing things I would love to do, it really would be a dream trip.
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Have you ever been to Bath?  Have I missed anything?

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