Personalised Mother’s Day gift ideas: The Book of Mum

My mum is amazing.  I know everyone must think that about their mum but honestly, it’s true.  She’s so supportive and puts up with her strange middle daughter still hanging around and messing up the place.  When I was younger my dad was always working and she took care of us alone while also working full time.  She’s been there through all my strange phazes and never put me off wearing strange clothes or spending all my money going to gigs like you do when your a teenager.  She also gives the best cuddles in the world, wat more do you want!
If you are lucky enough to have you’re Mum in your life Mother’s Day really is a day you should pay atention to.  Valentine’s Day isn’t for me but Mother’s Day is one I am really behind, Mothers work dam hard and they need reminding of how much we appreciate and care about them.
Now you know I love personalised gifts, so when I was contacted by the The Book of Everyone to see if I wanted to create a Personalised Book of Mum I wasn’t going to say no.  I canged mine to The Book of Mam, and that’s the beauty of this book, you can change pretty much everything!
It’s really easy to do, when you sign in you just need to enter your Mum’s name and her date of birth and the whole book is created and personalised from there, and is full of persona facts.  You can see each page and change any of the text you like but to be honest, a lot of the things they put are so beautiful I didn’t cange much.  It even has my name in the spine, a dream come true!
You can choose to have it in digital format, paperback or hardback, I chose the paperback edition and at only £19.50 it’s a great gift.  The book itself is really high quality and colourful, you can tell it’s not been produced cheaply (I work in publishing, I can spot cheap paper at 100 paces!)
What are you getting for Mother’s Day?

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