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As you will have seen from yesterday’s Trim Tuesday post, my weight loss effort is go!  I am willing to try almost everything (as long as it fits in with my Slimming World plan) and you can’t really avoid the concept of these slimming teas lately, so I thought, why not give it a try?
I’ve got to be honest, I was (and still am to some extent) pretty skeptical.  We all really know that you can’t lose weight realistically by doing something as simple as sipping tea (if that was true us brits would be tiny) but can it really go some way to help us shedding some unwanted pounds?
I was sent a 14 day Teatox plan by the guy’s from Slimming Solutions, and got to work.  Well it’s not really work, it’s drinking tea, best weight loss tool ever right?  I have tried a similar tea before, the popular Bootea, but I didn’t have a great experience.  If you know how these tea’s work, you’ll know why.  The night time tea works as a ‘mild laxative’ and I’m not really sure how the daytime works, but I think they are supposed to help you detox, I can’t be certain how effective it is.  
Now with the Bootea I woke up every day with stomach pains, running to the bathroom….You can figure out the rest, it was not a nice experience.  Luckily for me this Slimming Solutions teatox didn’t have these effects on me at all, and generally seem a lot gentler.  You only take the evening tea every other night, rather than every night, and I didn’t experience any stomach pain or horrible feelings, and no dashing to the loo either! 
As for taste, I am not really a fan of the daytime tea, I struggled to drink it, but I have to say I actually really liked the evening tea.   I actually started to look forward to having it before bed.
Overall, if you’re looking for a miracle, you aren’t going to get it from tea.  However if your feeling bloated of it or if you just want to try and shake your body up and boost your weight loss, then I think you can get some results with this tea, I’d definitely recommend it over it’s rivals.
What do you think of this detox tea trend?
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