Trim Tuesday: Week 2 with Dreamcatcher Clothing

Start weight: 11 stone 3 pounds
Current Weight: 11 stone 2 pounds

Not exactly a revolutionary weight loss but this time around, I am taking any loss as a success.  I am away every weekend from now until June so dieting completely is almost impossible, but slow steady weight loss is better than none, so as long as it’s going down I am happy.  This weekend I had a 60th birthday party and a weekend away so it’s not too bad.

What I am trying to fixate more on is exercise, and in the last week and a half I have definitely improved.  I can already tell that my stamina is improving and my strength slowly, but the biggest improvement is in my joints.  If you have been reading my blog a while you might know I have terrible joint problems, recently my knees have been terrible, they hurt all the time.  When I first started working out again last week it got much worse to begin with, but slowly it’s got better, now it’s not hurting on a constant basis at all.  It hurts slightly when I am doing certain workouts but that’s all, it’s got so much better so fast, I hope it’s here to stay!  
I also found out that exersizing has made me want to snack less, which is strange, I definitely thought it would make me more hungry but I am not complaining.
Now you might remember a few months ago Dreamcatcher Clothing gave me a beautiful off the shoulder top to review, well they contacted me again recently to see if I would like to review their new range, which included a beautiful vest top that I thought would be perfect for working out in.
As with all Dreamcatcher clothing, it came with a lovely scented bag, a motivational quote card and was beautifully wrapped.  The top itself is lightweight and so soft and comfortable, great for working out.  I got the top in a size 12, as with it’s longer length I was worried about it’s fit over my hips, however unfortunately this means it is a bit too big at the top.  I have to wear a sports bra with it for fear of flashing everyone around me!  It is designed to have a loose fit for comfort and would be good for doing yoga in.
How has your weight loss week been?

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