Birthday Wish List

This time next week it will be my birthday eve, I will be turning a big fat scary 27 eek! Well and truly in my late 20’s now which is so depressing I don’t even really want to think about it.  My parents are actually going away on my birthday but luckily my boyfriend is going to come over, when you are in a long distance relationship you have to make the most of every chance you can get!  On my actual birthday I haven’t made any actual plans yet, I am probably just going to go to a farm or something and then go out for drinks with some friends later, I like to use birthdays as an annual excuse to convince myself I am still not too old to go clubbing (despite what an 18-year-old told me on a night out a couple of years ago!)  I then want to spend the rest of my birthday weekend relaxing with my boyfriend, bliss!
This year no one has asked me what I want for my birthday, which is a first for me, I think it’s defnatly a sign I am getting old!  Now, I never normally have any ideas for my birthday but tonight I thought hey, why not scour through my pintrest and see what I am lusting after.  So here’s some cute items I definatly wouldn’t mind getting my hands on as I step a foot close to the big 3 0!
Starting off with the area that I am always lusting after, clothes and accessories!  First this super cute Grape Soda Pin which is of course from the movie Up!  I love it when things pay homage to things I like without nesseserily being too obvious, and this is full of sentiment.  
I love Sailor Moon and this amazing two-piece from Hot Topic is a great mixture of cute and space age.  I love fashion that’s a bit out there!
I’ve had my eye on this Milk Carton bag for a while, it’s tiny and completly impracticle but I do love a novelty!
Now you know I LOVE my T.U.K shoes, and I already have several pairs of cat T.U.K shoes already, so how do you make these better?  Improve that normal boring old cat face for Hello Kitty of course, how old am I again?
I have been after some of the famous Melisa shoes for years but never managed to justfy the price to myself, even in the sale.  I could happily own a pair in almost every style and colour, they’re so pretty!
You have no idea how excited I am that light up shoes are back in fashion, and for adults!  Well when I say in fashion I basically mean they are availale again, and I will definatly want to take advantage of that!  I know, I know, I have no taste but I can live with that… They do make normal trainer versions but I think I would love to rock these stacked versions to an alternative club and light up the dance floor!

On to home-y stuff, Mum says I am nesting because I am slowly picking up more and more stuff for when I move out and I can’t say she is wrong, but the pretty impractivle stuff is always the most fun to buy, like these Duck lights, how cute!  I don’t know where I would put them, bathroom maybe?
Kitchenaid, love of my life, fire of my loins… I am not demesticated, I can’t cook or bake, but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t want one of these with all my soul!  
I’ve also wanted a cool retro phone for the longest time and this is totally in my current favourite colour scheme.
Fallout 3 is my new currentl obsession, I am not very far in but I love it, especially the theming and the music, so I really want a Vault Tec bobblehead for my desk at work.
Banned Clothing’s summer design is so good this year, to be honest, my vintage repo wish list deserves a post all of itself so for now I will stick to just this beautiful summery skirt.  It makes me wish I was in Hawaii!
I’ve been making an effort to try and set my hair more so I can get better with pin curling, but my main frustration at the moment is that it takes me forever!  Especially with my thick hair, so anything that could speed this up, like this Pin Curling Tool would be amazing.  I am a bit sceptical about how this works, but I’d love to try it out.
In a similar vein, these hairstyling and make up books would be amazing.  About 5 years ago I first heard of these and I haven’t heard a bad word about either of them since, but I am still yet to call them my own.
Lastly and all the other bits and bobs, these rainbow flowers!  These would be a dream come true and I would definitely press them, you used to be able to get them from Interflora but I can’t see them on the website anymore and they are stupidly expensive, a girl can dream!
I am a big lover of tabletop games and Ticket to Ride is one of the few on my wishlist (that isn’t an exspantion pack) that I don’t have yet.
Lasty, Figment is a characer from a Disney World ride called Journey into Imagination and I think he might be my favorate character ever!  I am in need of a new phone case so I came across this one but, to be honest, anything with Figment on would make my happy, there’s an amazing Figment hoodie but you can only get it in Disney World.
What is your heart craving this week?

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