March Reads 2015

I think I definitely made up for only finishing two books this month with an amazing 7!  I have really surprised myself, admittedly 2 of them were manga which almost feels like cheating.  Anyway here’s what I read this month.
I can’t belie it was only this month when Terry Pratchett sadly passed away, it seems to have gone so fast.  I finished this book not long before I heard the news, which made it seem extra poignant.  I think its my favourite discworld book so far too, the writing and characters are just so good, and his descriptions are perfection.

Now this is a sort of cheat because the picture here is of the first book in the series, as I can’t find the second for some reason.  If you know me you will know I am super precios about my books so I don’t know how I have managed to missplace it.  Anyway this is the second book in this series and the second manga book I’ve read in years, I really enjoyed it.  It is completly bat shit crazy and but that just adds to the fun.  Do not go into this thinking it’s a simple re-telling of Alice in Wonderland, it is much quirkyer, I can’t wait for the last book in this series.

Another book I really enjoyed, I did pretty well this month with 5* books.  This has been on my TBR list for the longest time but I finally got my hands on it this Christmas.  It’s short and sweet and a similar vein to The Catcher in the Rye.  it’s written in the voice of an 8 yrar old boy and it comes across as very real and genuine, the author does a great job of telling a story through the eyes of a child.  It walks the line between innicence and darkness really well, I really recomend it.

I did enjoy some elements of this but my brain just doesn’t like sci-fi.  Frankly I think I switched off during some of it.  Has some really interesting futuristic ideas though, even if it is pretty bleak.

Can you tell me Japanese loving friend is trying to get me into manga?  She knows I love Alice so she’s buying me any manga she can find to do with it.  This one is about a boy who wakes up in wonderland having swapped bodies with a girl called Alice.  No, reallyQ  It was a short easy read but I have to admit I prefer the other Alice manga series better.  

I had heard amazing things about this so I was pretty hyped up but it was a little disappointed.  It was a nice easy read but I didn’t get emotional about it at all like a lot of people seem to have, maybe I am finally too old for YA.  

Style Me Vintage: Make Up by Katie Reynolds
I got a lovely surprise through the post a couple of days ago when Vintage Life magazine sent me their latest issue through the post.  I was just having a quick skim when I remembered I had got this book for Christmas and thought I’d have a quick look.  I ended up reading it all in one go which you would think would be a good thing but unfortunately it’s because it has no substance.  I read the fashion title from this series and enjoyed it but I learnt nothing in this, its really really basic, probably only good for teenagers.  The looks are really muted too, major disappointment,


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