Royal Bones Dress by Tripp

I realised this week that I still have 3 items of clothing from my Hot Topic haul that I hadn’t shared with you yet!  The pics are pretty old now but I love everything I got so I don’t want to miss out on showing these to you.  To be honest I really do not think these photo’s came out very well at all so I had been putting off using them.
This is the Royal Bones Dress by Tripp that I of course picked up from Hot Topic.  As you know if you follow my blog, although I love my retro/ vintage styles I do have a bit of a gothic side that comes out from time to time, and this dress allows me to indulge in my dark side.
Unlike most gothic clothing, this is really comfortable, I genuinely can’t believe how nice it is to wear.  A lot of the clothes in this style are often restricting and heavy but this is so light and stretchy, perfect for Whitby Goth Weekend which I am attending in a couple of weeks.  It will be great for a the day after drinking when you just want to wear something comfortable but still have to put in a public appearance.
It was really hard to get the details out in these photos but it’s a relly unique dress.  It has lace sleeves and a bodice waist that looks like a corset but is actually just part of the fabric, so it pulls you in without being constricting.  The main feature of this dress is its length, short at the front, dipping to almost floor length at the back.  You can’t really see it that well in these pics because I am wearing black tights (I have a fear of having my legs out in public) but it leaves a really dramatic look.  it really moves when you walk, I feel like some kind of goth princess!
What do you think?  Gothic elegance or too over the top?

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