Trim Tuesday: Week 4 with DW Fitness

Easter has come, and along with it Resitanz festival, my usual weekend of full on excess.  Chocolate happened, a lot of alcohol happened, and the only exercise I got was dancing my butt off, which although being fun hasn’t let me feeling great.  I had fun, but it’s time to get back on it, and now Easter has come and gone it’s time to get my ass in shape for the summer. 
To help my on my journey I am teaming up the DW Fitness to try and get my butt into shape.  In the last four weeks I have come to realise that crash dieting isn’t going to work, and I actually feel better when I exercise. I honestly never thought I’d say that but it makes a huge difference to my confidence, energy and my joints.  DW Fitness have a gym not too far from me so I am hoping to get down and try something new as part of my new challenge.
And that new challenge is *drum roll* the Slip Into Summer 12-week challenge.  The plan is to try and drop a dress size in the next 12 weeks, ready for when Summer is in full swing.  It isn’t about crash diets or anything like that, but making positive changes to improve your overall fitness.  
Oh and there’s an incentive, and it’s a great one, I get to pick a Weird Fish Dress which they are going to send to me in a size smaller, that I should fit into when summer is in full bloom.  I’ll let you know which one I choose next week.
If you have any fitness tips I’d love to hear them, it’s time to get my but on the move!

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