Trim Tuesday: Week 5

These 5 weeks have flown by, my exercise has dropped a little this week but I am feeling energised and ready to get into it this week.  My knee is once more feeling painful but I just need to plough in to it.  My gym passes for DW Fitness should be winging my way this week and I am actually really lucking forward to getting stuck in.  
You might remember in last week’s post I mentioned that Weirdfish are supplying us with a dress in a size smaller then our current size to motivate us for those summer days.  So I thought I’d share with you what I have chosen.
I just love the colour of this jersey dress, perfect summer colours, smart and light without being too bright.  It’s good to have something a more muted for a change, I tend to go a bit crazy, but I think this looks reay grown up and eligent, yet casual.  The cut looks great too, I think the sleeves and waist will be a really flattering fit.  I can’t wait to receive it and see how the initial fit goes, hopefully I’ll be a size down and rocking this look in a couple of months.
As for this week, It’s another hard one, I am away for most of it, working the London book fair on Thursday before back to Yorkshire for work Friday then heading straight back to London Friday afternoon for the weekend.  I just need to make smart choices and do lots of walking!  If I look over the next few weeks I am away a lot so at the end of the day, I just need to factor that in and see what I can do.
Do you have any tips for keeping fit/ dieting on the road?  I’d love to hear them.

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