Trim Tuesday: Week 6

Current Weight: 11 Stone 1 Pounds 
Start Weight: 11 Stone 3 Pounds
Total Loss: 2 pounds
I can’t belive it’s been a whole week since my last blog post, I didn’t mean for this to happen, but my day in London for work ended up being a week and I’ve only just got back, and now I am tierd and eager to get back into blogging!
My weight has been up and down while I have been doing this diet but I’ve not gone over my start weight, which might not sound much but considering I have been away so much, isn’t too bad.  Realistically until the middle of May I am going to really struggle not to put weight on, so if I am going down slowly, I am happy.  Then after May I can focus on really making the pounds drop!  This week something came that can really help me get my butt in shape.
DW Gym passes woo!
I am away this week from Friday-Monday at the Whitby Goth Weekend but I am hoping to try and fit in my first gym session before I go.  Lots of drinking and eating out will be had, so I am going to try my best, to keep my weight down, hopefully I can dance it off!  The thing I find hard is eating when I am away, here is what I have going on over the next 3 weekends.
Whitby Goth Weekend– drinking and I have to eat out, grabbing what I can as I don’t think  will be able to cook where I am staying.
My Birthday- One night of drinking and I have promised myself a Pizza (I only have one a year these days) other then that I shouldn’t be too bad.
Work trip to Normandy– Eating on the go and some drinks.
After this I will have a clear week and then 3 weeks of just me and the boy at mine, so I will be able to eat well.  By June I want to have lost at least half a stone, and hopefully with these new gym passes I will be toning up and improving my strength.  I miss being strong, I used to be really proud of how strong I was when I worked a manual labor job, now I’m in the office and it’s all gone to pot.
Got some gym advice for me?
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