Vintage Life Magazine: April Edition

When I was younger, magazines were a big deal.  You started on Disney mags when you were a kid and moved up to Girl Talk, Mizz, Sugar and Smash Hits.  If you read 17 magazine when you were at school you had to show everyone because you were oh so edgy, 17 it says, ha!  Who needs to follow the rules!  As you got a bit older you might even sneak in a Cosmo as long as your mum doesn’t see what was on the cover and you can totally pretend that you understood the sex position of the month was.  I might even buy a copy of Heat if there was a guy I fancyed in it that month but I would feel the shame stright after.  
When I was at collage I would buy Kerrang every week to make sure I could keep up with the bands I loved and see who was tourmg, and to make sure everyone saw me reading it too of course, I was so cool…..  The last magazine I read regularly was Bizzare Magazine, which sadly closed last year, I read this up to me finishing university.  Since then, I havn’t really read any magazines, nothing appeals to me.  All the women’s magazines seem to focus on fashion that isn’t to my taste or celebs which has no interest for me at all.  The last time I bought one I skimmed through the adverts and it went streight in the bin, I figured the age of the magazine was done.
Then I was contacted by the guys from Vintage Life Magazine to see if this was something that would be more up my street.  I had heard of this magazine but as I stopped looking at magazines some time ago, I missed them hitting the shelves.  I thought I’d beter try and find out if it was time to open up magazines once more.
The first thing I noticed when I opened it was that the adverts were all relivent!  I am not sure this has ever happened to me with a magazine before, all the adverts were for brands I already love or ones I immediately went online to find out more about, and with some great discounts including too, this really excited me, I do love window shopping!  I know this might seem a strange thing to care about but it really does set the tone and when you think about how many adverts you get in an average magazine it does make a difference ( to me at least!)
I was a little worried when I saw the front cover as the 70’s aren’t really my thing, my personal style is strongly in the 50s with a little flirt with the 40’s now and then, though I do really love the style of the 20s/30s too.  Luckily this edition has something to cover all these time periods.  There were specials on 1940s fashion and 50’s style tips so I was more than covered.
The articles covered history (such as the Chanel article pictured above), sewing ( which I really want to learn but don’t know how to start, I am a bit scared!), vintage styling for clothing and home, events reporting, events calendars, how to’s, specialist posts, posts on vintage bloggers and lots more.  This edition even covered a fun look at 80s style weddings and a report from London Edge which I attended, in fact, I was next to the photographer when he was taking one of the featured photos.  
I am still a bit unsure on magazines in general but I think magazines like this one that are more specifically for my tastes are the way to go, in fact, it’s the only one I will consider buying.  Ater payday I am definitely buying a subscription.  A whole year is £35.99, that’s just £2.99 an issue or you can get a year’s digital subscription for just £21.99, that’s a crazy £1.83 an issue! 

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