The Ariel Pin Up T-Shirt

We are almost at the end of this little series of Hot Topic goodies, and this harps back to an earlyer post about a certain Ariel Pin Up Dress that proved to be rather popular.  This is that dress’s casual sister.
I actually got this almost accidently, when I saw it online, I actually thought it was a long sleeved thin jumper, similar to the Alice in Wonderland Jumper that I picked up at the same time.  It is, in fact, a thin t-shirt, I think it was the thick band at the bottom of the body and sleeves that confused me.  
Now, I have pretty much stopped buying t-shirts as I live in dresses these days for a couple of reasons, partially because I have a lot of t-shirts already and partially because I am uncomfortable with my weight gain.  However I don’t regret this because, just like the dress, I adore the design!  I have had a few compliments while I am wearing it, and I think I just need to find a better way of styling it.  The material is so soft too.
Just one more of these posts to go, and it’s definitely one of my favorites.  Hint, it’s another Disney edition!  Expect to see it on the blog soon!

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