The Hot Topic Minnie Mouse Dress

We are finally at the end of my Hot Topic haul!  Can you believe I have spread this out over 4 months?  That’s the main problem with blogging, I have so much I want to share but hardly ever have the time to get it all down!  You might have noticed it’s almost all been Disney related, that isn’t a coincidence (I have a problem ok!) and I have definitely saved one of my favourites till last.
I was worried that this wouldn’t fit, the waistband looked tiny and doesn’t have much stretch, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I think the length and cut are both very flattering on my 5 foot 2 frame, and the black band and trim on the bust make me look slimmer (or at least I think so).  I also love the fact that from a distance, this looks like any other 50’s inspired polka-dot/ cherry dress.  Only up close do you notice the trademark ears and bow!  So cute, when the weather gets warmer I will be wearing this a lot!
Unfortunately this is no longer available online but they do have other Minnie inspired items if that’s your jam.  There is also 20% off code for everything on their website at the moment which I am desperately trying to ignore because I am way too poor!
Just as a side note, these posts have been no way associated with Hot Topic, Disney or anyone else.  I hate the fact that I even have to point this out but if I ever have sponsored content (which has only happened once ever)  I will always make it clear in the post and disclaimer.  I have noticed recently that a lot of blogs don’t do this and as much as I shouldn’t have to clarify that sponsored links will always be labeled as such, I felt this was necessary.  The reason I have only ever had one sponsored post is because company’s won’t work with me when I say I won’t do it without a nofollow link and a disclaimer, but that’s a post for another day.
So, here is the full list of all my Hot Topic haul posts:
What has been your favourite?

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