Trim Tuesday: DW Fitness, First Impresions

This week I finally made it up to DW Fitness and I have to say, I was impressed.  When I got there a woman showed me around all the equipment and explained the classes on offer and pool etc before leaving me to it.  The facility in Barnsley is really modern and clean looking compared to the council gyms I have attended before and even more importantly, a hell of a lot quieter.  
Every time I went to the local gyms in our area you were always fighting over equipment, it was also full of gangs of lads and was rather intimidating (I spend all my time at the gym hoping no one notices me and my red face!) but even right after work that wasn’t an issue here.  Now, this gym is more exspensive then the others in the area so I am not sure if that is the only reason but not only was there enough equipment and but the atmosphere was so friendly.  After testing out the equipment and some of the free weights I bumped into a friend who told me she was on her way to an abs class and asked me to join.  Sure I thought, abs workouts are actually my fave, how hard can it be?
I should have realised when the class was full of men that this wasn’t going to be easy, how often to you see men in a gym class?  Basically never.  Then all the weights came out and the hardcore session began.  Damn it was hard, but I actually loved it, I think I later described it to my friend as a pleasant torcher.  It was hard work and truth be told I wasn’t very good but the instructor was very motivational and corrected me when necessary.  Four the following four days I was scared to cough for fear of my sore stomach mussels, It actually made me feel really proud, I could actually tell I had worked out!
In short, I am really impressed, the biggest thing for me is the atmosphere, I can’t put my figure on why it is but taking away that feeling of paranoia that I always get in the gym made me really comfortable and ready to try new things.  
Have you tried anything new this week?

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