Trim Tuesday: The One With The Brake Through

 So this week something amazing happened, my parents went away Wednesday so I had a bit more control over what I ate. I decided to try and cut out all added sugar and guess what: I ACTUALLY LOST WEIGHT!!  
That’s right, I finally actually lost some weight, in fact in the 6 days since they have left I have actually lost 4 pounds!  I am actually really happy with this, I think it’s pretty good going.  I have never really tried calorie counting, I have always been a Slimming World girl when I have been trying to diet and although it is much more challenging on the whole, it’s actually much better for doing things such as eating when I am away from home (which I tend to be a lot).
The not eating sugar part has been easier than I thought. Basically, I have been trying to not have any sugar at all except for fruit, which considering I don’t really like fruit has meant I’ve not really eaten any at all.  I am a 100% sugar addict so I am really surprised at how often I have been checking packets and turning away from my favourite treats.  I actually was doing really well until this evening when my boyfriend made me an Eton Mess.  Woops, oh well I am hoping to carry on cutting back on sugar this week and see if I can try and stop my dependency on it.  It hasn’t made me as emotional as I thought it would but it has made me sort of feel ‘blah’ about everything, no ups and downs, just completely level.  I hope this is something that will readjust when my body has reset itself.
This week I also tried the Swimming Pool at DW Fitness for the first time and  have to say it’s pretty nice.  The layout is really good and it wasn’t busy, I just wish there was some music on to keep me going as doing laps does get boring after a while.  They also have a steam room so I treated myself to some time in there afterwards, it was a good way to start the weekend.
I also wore my Weirdfish dress out of the house for the first time after my confidence boost from the weight loss.  It still shows off a bit too much of my tummy and hips at the moment but hopefully I will stay on the path and it will fit me perfectly by the end.  The dress is so, so soft, I don’t know what they do to the material but it feels amazing.
Here’s to hoping I have another good loss this week!


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