Trim Tuesday: Week 7

Well I am pretty sure this week my weight has stayed the same, which considering that I have been away to France with work most of the week and had very little control over what I was eating (and spent most of the time in the car) that isn’t too bad.  This post will be short and sweet as I only got back from France really late Sunday and was straight into work yesterday before picking up my new car (woop woop) and getting my head around that so I have had very little sleep!
This upcoming week should be the start of some really positive changes.  I have more time for the gym and I am doing nothing at the weekend that doesn’t completely take over my diet, I am going out for two meals but that should be manageable.  I can’t wait to really get stuck in, one of my new dresses felt really tight today, I really need to try and drop that dress size, and now I have my pretty new car I need to make even more of an effort to get my ass in gear and exercise.
How has your week been? 


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