#BloggersUniteSummer15 Event

Summer is upon us and that means it’s blog meet season!  I haven’t been to a blog meet in so long so I was really looking forward to #BloggersUnitedSummer15 to meet bloggers old and new!  The event was held at Eten Sheffield which is a really great venue, I have actually been here before for the Northern Blogger Meetup.

The first thing we did once we were all settled in was have a blogger speed date.  Now when I first got the email about this I was a little worried.  I always think I make rubbish first impressions and I am not naturally a social impression, truth my told I am a shy introvert through and through.  However, once everyone got through the giggly awkwardness this worked really well.  It was a really good way of breaking the ice and it gave you the chance to meet more people.  I often find at blog meets that I end up chatting to the people near me and no one else.  The blogger speed date allowed the group mingled much more easily for the rest of the day.  
After this, we were left to chat and told a bit about the charity which the raffle proceeds were going towards, a company called Look Good Feel Better.  A fantastic charity that I first came across at the #SheffieldBBloggers Meet.  They raise money to help women with cancer by making the feel better with the use of make-up and other beauty items that can really help women’s self-esteem at such a distressing time.  
After this and more chatting and drinks, we had a talk from a couple of brands.  First from a Sheffield entrepreneur and 3 of his main product lines, Keratin Revolution, Noir Caviar and Infinatura Cura Oil.  The first two are revolutionary hair product lines that can transform the hair, making it seem younger, softer and more full of life.  The Infinatura Cura Oil is an all in one product that can work on just about everything, skin, hair, in the bath and so much more!

We also got to chat with an American company called MooGoo.  I had never heard of them before but they really interested me, all of there products are 100% natural.  So natural you could eat them if you wanted.  They have products for all kinds of skin care problems and a seperate make-up line called Dusty Girls that has the exsact same ethics.  I’m not saying thaat you would ever really want to eat a blush, but if you did, you could with this brand.  They even have a line for animal care coming out in the near future.

Later we were on to the charity raffle, it was really great to rase money for such an amazing charity and the items on offer were amazing.  I never win anything so I was relally suprised and over the moon when I actually won the last prize of the day, a Clarins gift set worth £80!  

Once I was home I went through the very extensive goodie bag.  First up we had samples from the guys at Keritin Revolution, with a hair styling product from their Noir Caviar range and a leave in conditioner.  They were actually nice enough to give me a full sample of there hair mask after I complained about my hair troubles.  I really can’t wait to try it out this out, all their products look such high quality.
Next, the Moogoo bag contained a variety of different products for every blogger.  In my case, I got a blush, lipgloss, kabui brish (which feels amazingly soft) and a cleasing bar.  With all the chemicals I put on my face when I usually wear make up this could make a nice change.
The #BloggersUniteSummer15 goodie bag was full of amazing products, from makeup samples from Benefit and makeup revolution, to hair care, to amazing edibles and health treats, so skin and body care and so much more.  You will definatly be seeing some of my favorates apparing on the blog at some point!
A huge thank you to the fantastic girls who put so much hard work into organising this event; Emma, Hannah and Frankie.

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