Hair Care Tips for Spring

Spring is officially upon us and along with throwing off our tights and dusting off the pastels, it is also time to change our beauty routines.  Now we all know that our skin needs different treatment depending on the season, but did you know that your hair needs different care too?
You might remember from my hair throughout the years post way back when that I horribly damaged my hair with constant bleaching and changing my hair colour.  The reason I changed my hair to red was because it was one of the only colours I could keep without bleaching my hair further.  In the end after years of upkeep, I gave in and cut off the majority of it.  It is now much healthier and the non-bleached hair is to just about my ears, so now I’m trying to be more careful than ever making sure this new hair is really looked after!  Here are just some of the ways I am currently protecting my tresses.

When it comes to washing my hair moisture is key to keeping it as healthy as possible – especially as I still dye it.  For the last few years or so I went all natural in an effort to try and rescue my hair.  Now I do recommend it if you are really trying to rescue your hair but it does require a lot more thought and hard work.  Now that my hair is in better condition, I have switched back to ‘normal’ shampoo for the first time and I have to say my hair feels really good.  I use this John Freeda  radiant red to help condition and prolong my colour, it’s an essential for coloured hair. 
 If you are prone to dryness in the heat/rain combination that Spring brings, then I recommend a good hair mask.  This Colour Moisture Enhancing 60 Second Colour Boosting Mask from Charles Worthington (try saying that fast!): if I am honest it works and is nothing special, but just go with something that works with your hair.  All moisture is good to combat this erratic Spring weather! 

Now, when the sun does appear you are going to want to protect it.  I’ve used this Charles Wirthington Leave-in UV-Protection Spray for years and it really does the job. 
 Recently I had a bad exsperiance with some Lush shampoo’s and exchanged them for this R&B Hair Moisturiser and it so good.  Just add a bit to your hair when it needs a pick me up, a little goes a long way!

After Care

Lastly, what do you do when it’s all gone too far and your styling has left your tresses in dire need of help?  Hair oil is the answer!  I have used both this Moroccan Oil and Aragan Oil before and if I had to pick one I would go with the Aragan Oil.  Both have a similar effect on the hair but Aragon Oil is cheaper and lasts longer; when my hair is bad it drinks this stuff up!  
If you want any more hair care tips, check out the infograph* below from  Why not take a look at their blog for more info.

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