Mini Haul from The Wily Fox

One of my favourite things about having a blog is discovering fabulous new independent businesses and getting the chance to highlight them.  Recently while browsing Lemon Freckles Instagram page, (which is definitely one of my favourites, everything she posts is just so cute), I came across an Etsy seller named The Wily Fox.  I don’t remember exactly what Tony had posted that caught my attention but more than likley it was something Disney related, before I knew it I had placed an order for myself.
The Wily Fox sells a mixture of hand-made items and second hand/ upcycled finds.  I ordered a mixture of both, the first thing I picked up (and the reason that I placed an order at all really), was because this fabulous Custom Disney Bunting.

For the crazy cheap price of just £7.50 you choose a Disney film from a pretty extensive list and she makes bunting out of it for you.  I got two, Alice in Wonderland and Star Wars, to represent mine and my boyfriends primary interests, I thought it would make a good display in our home somewhere  (when we finally get a place together).  The bunting itself is actually all hand made from pages of Disney books, so it looks great but also is a bit delicate and can crease easily.  The whole package I received was really beautifully put together but I think the bunting was packed in a bit of a hurry because as I tried to open it out it was stuck together.  Luckily I managed to very carefully open it without tearing or marking any of the pages.

Now these next things were one-offs so you can’t purchase them yourself but I thought I would share them because they are so cute and maybe it will give you some idea of the things you can pick up in her store.  I bought this amazing retro style cocktail maker, finished in a matte pink.  If you saw my vintage inspired homeware haul you will know just how well this is going to go in my kitchen!  When I first unpacked it I thought it was broken because it was making a rattling sound but actually it was just filled with all the sweets you see in these photo’s, and then some!  Such a nice little touch, none of them lasted long….

Lastly I bought this super cute rabbit candle holder.  It’s pretty simple but I think the little eyelashes really sell it for me, very shabby chic.  I’m not sure where I am going to put it just yet but let’s face it, it’s pretty versatile.
Have you discovered any new Etsy stores lately?

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