My top 5 announcements of E3 2015

Two list posts in a row, what bad form, I am going to get thrown out to the wolves of bloging!  I wanted to this post up before E3 fever dies though so why not.
For those of you who don’t know E3 is the biggest gaming expos in the world and is a major deal in the games industry.  Anyone who’s anyone in the field is there and traditionally it is where the big gaming announcements are made.
Now, I didn’t actually see much of it this year.  The time difference means most of the conferences happened either in the middle of the night or while I was at work, so I caught a few of the things I really wanted to see and the rest I got in the news or through my game-obsessed boyfriend.  So my information may not be comprehensive, bu nevertheless, here is what I am looking forward to after the e3 announcements this year.
Halo 5
In the grand debate of Xbox vs Playstation, I have always been on the side of Xbox.  However in the latest generation, I am as of yet undecided.  Putting a point firmly in the Xbox One zone is the edition of a new Halo game.  I am a big fan of Halo, now don’t get me wrong, I am terrible at it, but it is a great game for playing with friends.  
Xbox One Backwards Compatability
All together now “finally!”  As I said, I have always been an Xbox girl so finally having the option to play all my current games on the new console is definitely a plus.
Oculus Rift on the Xbox
In the battle for the most appealing virtual reality addition to a  console, there have been some interesting contenders.  But I have to say Microsofts acquisition of Oculous Rift has to be the real contender for me.  I am still a bit unsure if this is going to be a permanent part of games or just a bit of a novelty, but I definitely think it has potential.  
Fallout 4
Oh, praise the pixels there is a new Fallout!  I am a huge fan of Skyrim (it’s the best game I have ever played) and so when I recently started playing Fallout 3 I took to it instantly.  It stresses me out but I adore it, and that soundtrack….  Fallout 4 is coming in November so that is the deadline I have given myself to choose which console I want.
Kingdom Hearts 3
One of the best video Disney video games ever, it makes total sense that I love this series.  I have been waiting a lifetime for them to announce another console game.  Now this is only coming out on the PS4, so that definitely has the potential to sway my decision.
It is all going to come down to what I want more, Halo 5 or Kingdom Hearts 3….I think the Disney side might win out.
Which side do you play on?

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