My 6 Top Tips for Tidying a Messy Room

Ok, it’s time for some honesty here.  Are you ready?  I am a blogger  who struggles to keep my room tidy….
I know shocking right?  I can hear your gasps from here!  It’s a confession that is never admitted in the bloging world.  Just beyone that perfect instagram shot there might lurke a pile of clothes on the floor, I might have dusted that shelf just because I’m taking pictures on it, and I don’t always unpack my clothes as soon as I get home because I can’t always be bothered.
The people who know me right now wil be laughing because they know it’s true.  At university I had a bt of a reputation for it, it was a running joke between one of my friends.  I would appologise for my room being a mess and he’d say “what mess?” and claim not to noticed as he stepped around my piles of crap.  
The issue now is that I have moved out of my own home to being back at my parents.  So I  have a house worth of stuff squashed into a bedroom which hasn’t been updated since I was a teengaer, when I thought that black and purple was a great colour scheme in a room that gets no light.

Recently I have been having a huge Spring clean, along with buying lots of little bits for when I eventually move out again, and getting rid of a lot of the stuff I no longer need.  This has left me eager to try and keep on top of things once and for all.  So when Time4Sleep got in touch the timing couldn’t really have been any better.  They are currently running a competition to find the UK’s Messiest Bedroom  and for once I was determined not to be able to enter.  So here are my top tips on how I have been using to try and keep my room spick and span!
Not used/wore it in the last year?  Get rid!

This one is hard for me because I am a natural horder, but it is incredibilly effective.  Make up I’ve not worn since I was 16 doesn’t really need to be kept hold of does it?  And even if the baggy jeans look does come back I’m never going to loose the weight to fit into those jeans from uni.  Time to get brutal!  Donate it to charity, sell it on ebay, chuck it in the bin, whatever it takes, just get it out of the house.
Doesn’t sell on eBay the first time?  Donate it
This is linked into the last tip.  The problem with eBay is that its so vast sometimes items just don’t sell, especially clothes.  If it dosn’t sell the first time around, give it to charity.  Otherwise, it will be sat in your room forever while you convince yourself that it’s worth just one more try.
Do an area of your bedroom a day

This is a trick I use because I struggle to stay focused for a long time, especially if I’ve got other things to be doing.  Splitting my room up into sections and tackling it with a deep clean and organise one area at a time can make the task less daunting.
Dance while you dust.

Let’s face it, unless you are Monica from Friends, chances are you find housework pretty dull.  I find having music blaring and singing along as I go makes things go quicker, and means I can tidy for longer before getting distracted.  Netflix however has the oposite effect!
Line your drawers (Ooo Err)

Buying drawer organisers can be a god send.  They can organise everything from underwear to jewelry and keeps everything neat and easy to store away.  On a similar note, the bloggers choice of clear plastic makeup drawers are amazing at keeping your stash neat, while still being able to see what you’ve got to work with.
Buy a hat stand for a surprising amount of storage

I’ve ordred one myself this week with this in mind.  Sure you can store hat’s but if you get one with many hooks and an umberella stand, you can add jackets, handbags and other items too.  I’m planning on attatching some hair scarves and then adding my hair accesories to them so I can see what I have to help me accessorise beter rather then having everything hidden away.

Are you a cleaning queen?  If so I would love to know your tips, I need them!  If not, don’t worry, you can always send in your own submission to the UK’s messiest Bedroom comp!
I was asked to share my tidying tips in exchange for shopping vouchers

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