Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Big Night Out

Last week I was kindly invited along to Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Big Night Out event in Leeds.  I hadn’t been to one of their events before but I’ve always heard they were really good so I was pretty excited.  It was held in a beautiful sweet in the Quebecs Hotel hotel, I got there early so had plenty of time to chart to the other bloggers before the fun really begin.
Now unfortunately the stylists they had hired couldn’t make it at the last minute, but we were invited to play with their products new and old and explore the not yet released Ultimate Colour Repair collection.

That was not all, James from New CID Cosmetics cosmetics had come along to show us their range.  I knew nothing of this brand before beside their famous light up lip glosses so I really did learn a lot.  I never normally volunteer for anything at these events but for once I was brave and when James asked for a volunteer to demonstrate on, I out myself forward.

Let me tell you I am so glad I did, James went through the whole process while explaining the importance of certain products and skincare and giving plenty of tips along the way.  He was able to answer everyone’s questions easily, adapted everything for my skin type and seemed genuinely interested in everyone and their own makeup and skin care routines.  He also put me completely at ease which can be hard when sitting in front of a room full of people watching you.  When he was done and I saw my final makeup look, I was ready for hiring him full time!  My makeup has never looked this good!  I have the i-perfection foundation and i-glow in coral crush on my wishlist right now.
Sarah was on hand to talk us through the new hair care range.  It consists of a shampoo, conditioner and triple rescue spray, all with the aim of protecting coloured hair and making it last longer.  As someone who regularly dies here hair and has made the mistake of damaging their hair in the past wth over colouring, this is a necessity.  Here is their claim 
Quinoa Color Repair complex harnesses the high protein content of quinoa to lock in hair color and repair strands from within. Sugar cane and lemon peel extracts add glossy shine and manageability, while powerful antioxidants help prevent damage.
Unlike other colour ranges this has some incredible claims, 88% less breakage, 9 weeks vibrant colour, 59% and 86% less thermal damage.  in trials.  You can’t really argue with those statistics.  It’s also sulphate free which is a definite plus for me as I try to keep all my hair care as natural as possible.  
Even though they had no stylists on hand Sarah offered to style my hair as she’d heard me complaining about my complete inability to curl my hair.  She protested that she wasnt a profesional so might not do a good job but I think she was great!  I absolutly love my hair like this, I just wish I could to it every day.  You might recognise this photo from the Paul Mitchel Instagram.
With my hair and makeup done I felt so glam, I wish I was heading on a big night out instead of just the train home.  But you can’t have everything.
 When I did get home I went with this goodie bag in hand, complete with the new Ultimate colour set (out next month), limited edition rose gold hairbrush and New I-D lipgloss ( that has the cutest mirror inside) 
Have you tried Paul Mitchell before?  Personally I am a big lover of their Stay Strong hairspray and tease comb.  Sarah thinks my hair is a spitting image for the model on the box what do you reckon?

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