Slip Into Summer Challenge: The Finale!

It’s actually here, the end of the Slip Into Summer challenge.  I can’t believe how fast these 3 months have flown by!  Sure it’s definitely had it’s ups and downs but for the most part it’s been fun.  I went to the gym for the first time in years and learnt a lot of new things, I found muscles I never knew I had and new ways to make them hurt.  So what’s the final result?
Final details:
Weight:  11 Stone
Waist: 31 Inches
Hips: 40 Inches
Bum: 44 Inches
Thighs: 43 Inches

So THE dress, and how does it look on after these 3 months?  
Considering I haven’t lost as much weight as I would have looked  don’t think it’s too bad.  Sure it clings to my hips a bit but it’s definitely wearable.  This dress ties at the waist to I can also loosen it up slightly if necessary, the material is just so soft!  It makes me feel quite earthy when I wear it, that’s why I decided to keep this look super low key.  No shoes and natural makeup, including a clear lip gloss from Dustygirl which I got at the Blogger Unite Summer event which might actually be changing my mind about the hatred of lip glosses!  I feel like I should be on a campsite somewhere with a guitar…
My journey isn’t over, but this has been a great kick-start.  In fact, I actually found that I lost a bit more weight when I  relaxed about it more, if you are being miserable you can’t stick to something I guess.  Time to grab my shoes and get running again!
Dress, gym passes and lipgloss all provided as PR samples.  All opinions are my own and completely honest.

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