The ‘Vanessa’ Wiggle dress by Lindy Bop

‘I love wiggle dresses, they just will never suit me’.  
Here is a statement you will have heard me utter over the years with complete conviction.  Wiggle dresses were something for other people, those with flat stomachs and perfectly round rears.  Every time I tried one I was left disappointed at best and upset at worst.  Then one day, when looking for an outfit for an event, I just thought why not give it another try.  This Vanessa wiggle dress by Lindy Bop I’d seen around a lot and everyone I’d seen wear it looked great in it so I went to the changing room, held my breath, and put it on.

I’m so glad I did, this dress has changed my life.  Well, my fashion life anyway, the material is stretchy so it’s super comfortable.  It came wth a black belt but I couldn’t find it when I took these photos so I swapped it out for a white one from one of my Hell Bunny dresses.  Luckily both seem to work.  I think the mixture of this and the black gathered material around the bust help this style be more flattering for my body type.  I am a definite pear shape, with legs wider than my hips.  These details draw the eye up and away from my lumps and bumps.  Red polka-dots are a classic combination so you can’t really go wrong, however Lindy Bop have now brought this dress out in tons of different colours if it’s not for you.
Disclaimer these pictures were taken after a pizza the night before and cupcakes at the City Girls event.  I did almost not take the photo’s on this day as I was having one of those days when I felt huge, but I thought if I only take pictures on days when I feel skinny it wouldn’t be very honest.  So lots more honest photo’s to come!
Accessorising is one thing I am never normally good at, but this 40’s inspired Darling Necklace* goes so perfectly with this outfit, it’s to die for.  I don’t own much formal jewellery and I think this really adds an element of glamour.  It is so reflective, when I first tried it on I ran to the bathroom (because it has the brightest lights in the house) and just spun in circles so I could see it sparkle.  It definitely looks like it costs more than its £38 price tag, very old school Hollywood.  It’s from the forties inspired range at Glitzy Secrets where they have a whole range of jewellery based on different decades.  I’m so impressed with this necklace that I’ve got my eye on a few other pieces, some of their art deco designs really are stunning and quite unusual.

This hair flower I was given at the London Edge event back in February when I had my hair styled.  I wasn’t told the brand but I love how the colour clashes with me hair.  You might spot that I’m actually using a pin curl clip as I couldn’t find my hair grips anywhere.  Seriously where do they go!

So what do you think of my wiggle dress revelation?  My confidence still isn’t great but this honestly feels like a big deal.  I might have just gone and bought a couple more from the Lindy Bop website already…

Bonus Dog pic just because… 🙂

*PR sample, all comments honest and my own.

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