Vintage Inspired Homeware: Kitchen

It was only a couple of weeks ago in my 1950s Inspired Homeware Bargains For Under £5 post that I swore off buying anything else for my new home.  A home that you might recall, I don’t actually own, nor is there one on the cards anytime soon!  But did that stop me?  No of course not.  A couple of weeks have past and I have a few more things waiting to be put up in the loft for the day I finally move out once more.  As you might have noticed in that last post, I have an obsession with kitchen accessories at the moment, which when you consider I hate cooking is especially odd.  So I thought I’d bring that to you today and show you guys what I have been picking up for my future kitchen.

Asda have a really good, super cost effective retro range at the moment.  It can be a bit hit and miss. but when they hit they really get it right.  This atomic 50’s style clock is a mere £6 and I just adore it – who would have thought I could get so excited about a simple clock?  I didn’t notice until I took these pictures however, that the picture on the website is slightly different from the product. The hour dots have hints of blue, which is annoying as I think I would have preferred black.
Now I love a good cocktail, but I am also incredibly clumsy, so these Polycarbonate Martini Glasses^ are £14.99 and are going to be invaluable when I’ve had a few too many and get a bit heavy handed.  They aren’t like other plastic glasses I’ve seen as they look exactly like glass but feel a bit lighter.  Nothing like being practical and glamourous.

This tin style Ice Cream sign from New Look will definitely liven up the room and it’s colours will go so well with what I have in mind, plus it’s only £2.99 so you can’t go wrong really.
Raise your hand if you love cheese!  Oh boy do I, and now I can enjoy it even more on my personalised cheese board.  It’s mine all mine damn it!  I love the country retro chic-ness of it (I don’t know if that is a thing but it is now) and the knives are really useful and sturdy.  At under £30 it makes a great gift idea too..

Lastly, a couple of great items I picked up from the more unusual place of a Garden Centre website.  This Home Sweet Home^ mat caught my eye immediately. It has everything I love: red, polka dots, and lots of cuteness!  It’s really large and well made and is somehow under £10, it will make the perfect entrance to my home one day!
From the same store, I picked up this Katie Alice Mixing Bowl^ for £19.99.  I hadn’t heard of Katie Alice before, but I came across them on this site and her range is all really pretty, again – very retro country chic.  I love these kind of bowls, they remind me of watching my Nannan when I was young whipping up meringues and cake mixes with a huge wooden spoon – they just seem so traditional.
Am I a bit crazy for getting all this stuff already?  I have also got some bedroom bits that I’ll show in an upcoming post, but that has to be it for a while.  I have a Disney World holiday to save up for after all!
^ Pr samples

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