Hello Kitty and Star Wars Cosmetics Lines Just Announced!

Hello Kitty for OPI
Normally when it comes to cosmetics I don’t pay much attention to the latest releases. I’m more of a tried and tested kind of girl.  I hardly ever buy something as soon as it hit’s the shelves because I like to read reviews and think it over first.  It’s why I’ve never managed to get my hands on Mac limited edition’s, I am not impulsive enough!
However if you want me to break that rule, simply appeal to my geeky side!  That is exactly what happened when I saw these two product lines announced last week.
Hello Kitty for OPI
First up the Hello Kitty range from OPI.  Now this isn’t the first time Hello Kity has had a nail polish range.  However to the best of my knowledge this is the first time a high-end brand has brought out a collection.
As you can tell the line is super feminine, lots of focus on pink and primary colours, with a black thrown in for good measure (something tells me that OPI are aware of Hello Kitty’s large goth/ alternative fan base).  I love the kitty’s on the top, it’s just enough of a nod without becoming tacky.  I’ll be picking up Look at My Bow! when this is launched in early 2016.
P.S I can’t seem to get anything solid on this yet but I have seen some pictures floating around that looks like they might be releasing a gel set too in the same range!
Star Wars for Covergirl
I normally hate movie tie in cosmetics (I’m looking at you Hunger Games!) but something about this really got my attention.  American cosmetics company CoverGirl have announced the launch of a Star Wars inspired line, due out in September.  
There are going to be six full looks in total but as of posting this ony two have been revealed, Driod and Stormtrooper.  The range consists of 6 lipstics, 3 nail polishes, and 10 mascara’s (5 normal formula on the ‘dark side, 5 waterproof formula on the ‘light side’), all inspired by the most popular characers.  I have to admit, these products do seem a bit gimicy but I’d still love to grab a couple of them.  Unfortunatly it looks like it’s unlikley to make it across the pond!
Are you looking forward to these collections?

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