The City Girls Leeds: The Goodie Bag

You might recall in my last post I hinted that the goodie bag for this event was something a little out of the norm, well it really was.  First up, around the room where lots of products for us to pick up, including this Virtue Ice Tea (really tasty), Voss water (super stylish), a really cute token for a free Bubble Tea from Bubbleology (which I spent this weekend at the new store in Meadowhall, delicious!).  Also the very popular Can’t Sleep Colouring Book, a miniature Twig and Dot Candle, a box set from Derma V10 (whose products I am already a big fan of) and this very special Angelica Nail Polish in a colour specially created for the event!

Not only all this but at the end of the day we were given a goodie bag absolutely bursting with cool products.  There were so many it was almost overwhelming, here is a  quick rundown of what was included:

House and Home

Sugru moldable glue I had actually seen a video in the many uses of this the same morning, I think the most useful one for me is going to be fixing my Apple device cables, they split way too easily!
Oates and CO Candle Holder this is one of those items that is so beautiful and simplistic that everyone is going to love it.  So perfect for my future home.
Food and Drink

Pop Chips– I am already a fan of these, they didn’t last long once I got the home that is for sure!  Such a great snack and a bit healthier then normal crisps.
Oloves Olives– Personally I am not a fan of olives, it is a love or hate food.  These are in sealed packaging so they don’t go off, perfect for travelling it you are a lover.
Urban Fruit Dried Fruit– I got Mango and I love Mango!  It didn’t make it off the train home, need I say more?

Ella Henderson for Batiste Dry Shampoo– As a girl with coloured hair dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, as I try to wash my hair as little as possible.  I’ve used this brand before and it’s great but this edition has a really lovely scent too.
Wilkinson Sword Razor– As I am an avid fan of the Venus razor by Gillette I was surprised to be impressed with this product.  My only issue is that the razer is really hard to clear when it’s got hair clogged in it.  I hope someone knows what I mean and this isn’t just sounding gross to you ladies with the dedication to shave every day!
Kiss the Moon Bath Oil– This product is supposed to help you sleep, and that is something I occasionally have trouble with so I am looking forward to trying this out.  
GOSH at Superdrug Lip shine– I really loved the colour of this, and it feels really comfortable on AND it’s pretty long wearing.  You can’t really ask for more.
De-Tangle Angel– These style of de-tangling brushes have taken over the world in the last few years, and like a lot of people they own a few.  No more snagging!
Seventh Heaven hair mask– I used this in the bath last week and I was really impressed, not only is it really softening on the hair but it is completely vegetarian.
Dusty Girls lipgloss– I actually got this lipgloss at another event recently too and it’s fabulous.
Microfiber Hair Turban from The Works– I’ve actually wanted one if these for a while, and it’s soo soft!

Other Bits and Bobs

Plewsy Illustrated Card– Mine is the ‘Yorkshire Tea’ car’ and it’s perfect.  To be honest I had thought about giving it to my other half but I liked it too much so it is going to adorn my wall at work instead.  Speaking of Yorkshire Tea…
Yorkshire Tea Gold– I LOVE Yorkshire Tea so this put a smile on my face

My Giveaway Prize

You might recall in my post last week that I’d won a Benefit prize in the charity giveaway for Leeds Women’s Aid but I didn’t know what it was.  Well here is what greeted me when it arrived:

It’s just incredible!  I expected one full sized product and with their latest release being the coloured eyeliners I thought maybe it was that but it was so much more!  I got 6 full sized products!  So many exclamation marks I know but I am so blown away.  I received They’re Real eyeliner, perfect because mine is running out and They’re Real Mascara, mine ran out a while ago and I hadn’t been able to replace so I couldn’t be happyer.  I also got Dream Screen which with an SPF of 50 is going to be perfect for Florida next year, a Pore Professional the ultimate cult product, a Lip Gloss which I’ve never tried so that is going to be fun to try out, and a Benetint in Cha Cha Tint which I think it one of the only Benefit tint’s I hadn’t previously tried and it goes so well with my hair.  I am a big far of Benetints.

So there you have it, I am sure you can agree that we were completely spoilt!  Holly-Lucy and Lorna have just announced the venue of the next City Girls event and it’s in Manchester!  If you live close by I suggest you check it out, it’s amazing!

What’s your favourite from the goodie bag?


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